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Museum Held a celebration for traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn

On Sunday, American Chinese Museum held a celebration for traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn (Moon) festival, which includes traditional Chinese music instrument playing, Chinese dancing, drawing moon and writing Chinese calligraphy of moon poems. About 300 people attended the celebration and below are some of the photos taken throughout the event.

American Chinese Museum held two Movie Nights.

On August 19 and August 26, the American Chinese Museum held two Movie Nights. “Kung Fu Panda 3” and “Heaven’s Beat” were shown to the community in the museum’s backyard.

Museum House Designer’s Descendant Visits Museum

On Monday, Richard Castor, a great grandson of the Castor house’s designer and original owner, visited the American Chinese Museum and told stories about his family and their relationship with the house.

Museum displays historical plaque

On April 7th, American Chinese Museum was authorized to display a Philadelphia Historical Commission Historical Plaque on the property at 7345 and 7347 Oxford Avenue.

Historical House

Built in 1898, the Victorian twin house was designed by former Philadelphia architect Horace W. Castor. It is one of the oldest and most significant buildings in Northeast Philadelphia.  On March 14, 2017, this property was designated as Historical by the Historical Commission of Philadelphia and was listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places.