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Museum displays historical plaque

On April 7th, American Chinese Museum was authorized to display a Philadelphia Historical Commission Historical Plaque on the property at 7345 and 7347 Oxford Avenue.

The Philadelphia Historical Commission and its staff congratulates the Museum on having qualified for receipt of the Historical Plaque and on the care the Museum has taken in the preservation and maintenance of its property.

The American Chinese Museum building was assigned Plaque No. 871 in the new production series that begins with No. 600.

A Historical Plaque may be awarded to a building, structure, or site on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places in recognition of its importance to the City’s architectural, cultural, or historical value and heritage, provided that, in general, it retains its architectural and structural integrity and is well maintained.

The building of the American Chinese Museum was built in 1898. It is a Victorian twin house designed by former Philadelphia architect Horace W. Castor. It is one of the oldest and most significant buildings in Northeast Philadelphia.

On March 14, 2017, American Chinese Museum’s building was designated as Historical by the Historical Commission of Philadelphia and was listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places.