On May 1st, the American Chinese Museum kicks off the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration with a series of events, including the Chinese and Western culture and art forums, art auctions, and the 2022 Spring Joint Exhibition of Chinese and Western Culture and Arts presented by International Chinese Arts Society of Americas, and American Fujian Artist Association.

Pennsylvania State Senator Christine Tartaglione, Representatives Joseph Hohenstein , Philadelphia City council-member David Oh, Assistant Anthony Bellmon from Congressman Brendan Boyle office,  special Assistant for Councilwoman Helen Gym from city council  at large Eva Yuan, and other city officials attended the opening ceremony in the Museum.

Representatives of the officials said that Philadelphia is a large immigrant city, and the “Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage” celebration is an important opportunity for Asian and Chinese Americans to express their own culture. It is hoped that the Chinese community will carry out more cultural activities, exchange and interact with all ethnic groups and all walks of life in the society.

Randy Duque, Deputy Director of City of Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations said that cultural exchanges are crucial to reducing tensions between different cultures, and the two themes of the opening ceremony, “promoting cultural exchanges between China and the West” and “calling for world peace,” are particularly important.

The Philadelphia Rich Dance Troupe presented a dance performance. The opening ceremony also included ceremonial programs such as flag raising, ribbon cutting and fireworks.

In the 2022 Spring Joint Exhibition of Chinese and Western Culture and Art, more than 50 Chinese and Western artworks such as calligraphy, Chinese paintings and oil paintings will be exhibited. During the celebration week of May 1-7, more Philadelphia residents are expected to come and visit for free.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage is observed in the United States during the month of May, and recognizes the contributions and influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States.