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“Looking for Mr. Li Runguang’s Family”

“A friendship from one hundred years ago, lives on in this photo, foretells Destiny and brings History full-circle! How exciting for the Castor family to re-connect with the Chinese American people!” Mr. Richard Castor told the American Chinese Museum.

One hundred years ago, Richard Castor’s great-grandfather, Mr. Horace Castor, was a famous architect living and working in Philadelphia, and the residence he designed and lived in for a long time is now home to the American Chinese Museum in the United States. The building has been designated as Historical by the Historical Commission of Philadelphia and was listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places.

The Museum has tried all efforts and finally got in touch with Mr. Richard Castor, the great-grandson of Mr. Horace Castor. He told the Museum that the Castor family and the Chinese Americans have been associated as early as a hundred years ago. His great-grandfather, not only designed the building which housed American Chinese Museum now, but also designed a church in Fujian Province in China, what is more interesting is that his great-grandfather also had many Chinese friends, and Mr. Li Runguang was one of them.

“Mr. Li Runguang was the first Chinese businessman to open a laundry store in the Frankford area of Philadelphia, and my great-grandfather kept this photo of him. The back of the photo reads that my great-grandfather used to spend many interesting nights with Mr. Li Runguang in his laundry store.” Richard said.

A few days ago, Richard Castor, came to the museum to visit, and enthusiastically recalled his family and the museum house’s many memories. He also donated many valuable photos, letters and other cultural relics inherited by his family to the Museum.

Richard said that his great-grandfather highly regarded Mr. Li Runguang, and described him in terms of high admiration and respect. He very much hoped to find Mr. Li Runguang’s descendants, and he would invite them to his home, meet and chat with his family, and honor the memory of their ancestor of one hundred years ago.

If you are Mr. Li Runguang’s descendant or you happen to know Mr. Li Runguang’s descendants, please contact Li Edwards, Executive Director of American Chinese Museum, at liedwards@usaacm.org