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American Chinese Museum held two Movie Nights.

On August 19 and August 26, the American Chinese Museum held two Movie Nights. “Kung Fu Panda 3” and “Heaven’s Beat” were shown to the community in the museum’s backyard.

In the evening of August 19, the famous Peking Opera artist Song Feihong and Kung Fu master Zhang Xichuan performed before the movie event. Song Feihong gave a wonderful performance of singing Peking Opera while writing calligraphy for the community, showing the charm of traditional Chinese culture for the audience in a colorful way.

Afterwards, Zhang Xichuan led his two students to perform a wonderful Kung Fu performance for the community residents, their movements were flowing and powerful, drawing the atmosphere to a climax.

Finally, over 100 residents from the local community sat at the backyard of the museum and watched the movie “Kung Fu Panda” together.

On the second Movie Night on August 26th, Kung Fu master Zhang Xichuan came back to bring Tai Chi performance to the audience.

We also invited the famous film director Frank Gao, who just won the best film award at the New York International Film Festival, to introduce the creation of the movie “Heaven’s Beat” before we showed the movie to our audience. He talked about how he used his movies to promote understanding between Asian and other communities, which got applause from many people.

Also as part of the summer series of activities of American Chinese Museum, we are providing 4 weeks 8 sessions of free Kung Fu classes in the Museum. Many children enrolled in the classes and many parents also joined their children later, to learn and practice Chinese Kung Fu together. This series of Kung Fu classes aims to teach some practical Kung Fu skills to the residents, to help them protect themselves and other people in the community.