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More About “The Chinese Exclusion Act”

In this exhibit, we delve deeper into the personal stories of those affected by the Act, explore the political and economic climate of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and examine how this law influenced the fabric of American society.

Celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Dragon with the American Chinese Museum!

As the moon completes another cycle and ushers in the auspicious Year of the Dragon, we at the American Chinese Museum extend our warmest greetings for a prosperous and joyful Lunar New Year. This occasion gives us a moment to reflect on the past and look forward with hope and enthusiasm to the future.

Students Guide The Tour

On Oct 26th, the on-site practice session was held in the Museum. A few days ago, the students prepared and submitted their bilingual scripts to the professors for the final edit.

Museum House Designer’s Descendant Visits Museum

On Monday, Richard Castor, a great grandson of the Castor house’s designer and original owner, visited the American Chinese Museum and told stories about his family and their relationship with the house.

Museum displays historical plaque

On April 7th, American Chinese Museum was authorized to display a Philadelphia Historical Commission Historical Plaque on the property at 7345 and 7347 Oxford Avenue.