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Congressman Branden Boyle Visits the Museum

On December 20, the U.S. Congressman Branden Boyle representing Pennsylvania’s 2nd District visited the American Chinese Museum. 

Founder of the Museum Jason Lam told the congressman that the Chinese people living in the United States are part of the United States. He hopes that American politicians and society can better understand Chinese immigrants, as Chinese immigrants have made important contributions to American society and have suffered a history of unfair treatment for a long period of time. 

During the visit, Branden learned that the construction of the museum and the collection of cultural relics involved huge investment, and expressed his admiration for the support to the Museum from all walks of life. He hoped the museum will open to the public as scheduled, and said he will help the museum with its publicity. 

After the visit, the congressman held a symposium with museum staff and community leaders to discuss issues such as public education and safety in the community. 

Staff from the Congressman’s Office, museum staff, and Chinese community leaders in the Greater Philadelphia area accompanied the visit.