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Multicultural communities share stories and experiences about parent-child reading in ACM

On Wednesday (Oct 12, 2022), American Chinese Museum held a children’s reading event where parents from nine ethnic groups in Philadelphia participated and shared their stories about parent-child reading.

It was a nourishing and supportive conversation where people recount their favorite children’s books, stories of reading with children, challenges of reading and explore strategies and resources to get support to help our children read.

This event is part of Philly’s annual family literacy festival which falls from October 10 to 16. The children’s reading event held at American Chinese Museum particularly focused on discussion of immigrant and refugee families’ children’s reading experiences.

This event provided a good opportunity for immigrant families to listen to each other’s challenges and difficulties, and to learn from each other their successes in children’s reading at home.

After the discussion, four hundred children’s books in English and Spanish languages and free gift bags for children were given away.

The event is hosted by:

American Chinese Museum

Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations

The Welcoming Center

Let’s Talk Philly!


Town Watch Integrated Service

Office of State Representative Jared Solomon

Sponsored by:


PNC Bank

Free Library of Philadelphia