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Ph.D Qiongzhao Ellen. Schicktanz Donated Bronze Statue of Sun Yat-sen

Ellen Qiongzhao Schicktanz(艾伦赵琼.希克坦兹博士), an Asian American Artist, Doctor of Literature, President of the American Goddess Art Museum and Deputy Secretary-General of the Rodin International Artists Foundation, donated the bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen to The Chinese American Museum.

The Sun Yat-sen bronze statue relocated in the garden of the museum from inside early Oct, 2022. Visitors, local residents can see the statue from outside Museum, and the garden will open to public for upcoming museum and community events.

The Sun Yat-sen statue co-stands with another bronze statue George Washington in the garden, in the meaning of the founding spirit of the two major countries in the world, including freedom, equality, etc.

On Oct 23rd, in the museum opening ceremony, people officially unveiled the statue. this is one of the most important sessions during the event.

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  1. Ellen Qiongzhao Schicktanz(艾伦赵琼.希克坦兹博士)