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Lunar New Year Tea Party

On February 5, the American Chinese United Association (ACUA) held a Chinese New Year tea party at the American Chinese Museum (ACM) in Philadelphia. Chinese community leaders from Pennsylvania, New York, Florida and other states came to participate in the celebrations and sent out New Year’s greetings. 

Jason Lam, chairman of ACUA and ACM said that the association and the museum have been fully supported by the Chinese Americans in the United States, and the development of both of the two organizations have made great progress in the past year. He said that the Year of the Tiger is an important year for both ACUA and ACM. 

Zhu Feng, CEO of the museum, Chen Zi, a veteran of the Xiesheng Association, and other community Chinese leaders said: “During the pandemic, Chinese associations across the United States have been supporting the Chinese community to fight the pandemic. Now we gather today to celebrate the traditional Chinese festival and look forward to the Year of the Tiger. The Chinese community should unite, take on more social responsibilities and obligations, and set an example for future generations.” 

The Chinese New Year tea party also includes tasting Chinese snacks and tea, museum tour, distribution of Chinese New Year red envelopes and other entertaining activities.