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Fuzhou Fish Ball Exhibition Opens

On January 23, the opening ceremony of Fuzhou Fish Ball Exhibition was held in American Chinese Museum. 

Founder and Chairman of the museum, Jason Lam, said that there are many Fujian immigrants living in the United States, and Fuzhou (capital of Fujian province) cuisine represented by fish balls has long since immigrated to the United States. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the museum uses the Fuzhou Fish Ball Exhibition Hall to carry the homesickness of Chinese immigrants, and at the same time shows the Chinese food culture to the American people, which is very meaningful. 

Heads of local and state representatives and city councilors said in their speeches that the fish ball exhibition will promote the integration of Chinese food and cuisine into the multiculturalism of the United States, bring fresh elements to the non-governmental exchanges between the United States and China, and facilitate mutual understanding and friendly cooperation. 

More than 100 people including leaders of Chinese community associations from many states in the United States, Chinese food entrepreneurs, local and state representatives, city councilors, people of all ethnic groups and Fujian villagers attended the event.