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ACM holds a history talk on Anna May Wong, the special exhibition begins 

On November 12, the American Chinese Museum officially opened its special exhibition to the public, commemorating Anna May Wong. She becomes became the first Chinese-American [and first Asian-American] to appear on US currency.

The exhibition includes a number of themes such as Anna May Wong’s Childhood, With Family, Leading Roles in American Films, European Film Masterpieces, In China, and Anna May Wong’s Writings, as well as related books and archival materials on Anna May Wong in Chinese and English. 

On October 25, the U.S. Mint officially issued the quarter dollar coin struck with the image of Chinese American Hollywood movie star Anna May Wong. The Anna May Wong Coin is the fifth coin the American Women Quarters Program issued. 

On November 12, the American Chinese Museum held a history talk to commemorate the legendary life of Anna May Wong, as the first of its history talk program to explore the experience of Chinese Americans in American history through interviews, multimedia display, movie screening, historical materials, and objects exhibits. 

Event speaker Thomas Shoener, a Philadelphia resident who has studied Anna May Wong for many years and collected a large number of documents, photographs, and objects about her, told many stories about  Anna May Wong.

He told the audience about the main experiences and accomplishments of Anna May Wong in a broader historical context. of this outstanding Chinese woman from an American and Chinese cultural perspective.

He also donated many historical documents to the museum. 

Many residents attended the event, and many parents brought their children to participate in the event and actively interacted with the speakers and moderators.

Afterward, many parents told the Museum Executive Director Li Edwards, that they hope the museum will hold more such historical activities in the future to help the Chinese American next generation learn more about Chinese immigration history and the history of outstanding Chinese Americans.

Each event participant received an Anna May Wong coin from the museum. Several attendees who actively answered the host’s questions received more coins from the museum.

Anna May Wong was the first Chinese-American movie star in Hollywood and left a rich legacy for the film industry. Throughout her career, she appeared in more than 60 films.  

In addition to her roles in silent film, television, and stage plays, she starred in the first feature-length dramatic film made with Technicolor. The release of the quarter coincides with the 100th anniversary of the release of the movie, “The Toll of the Sea”.

Against the background of racist discrimination and exclusion of Chinese in American society at that time, Anna May Wong won an international reputation and considerable influence with her dedication and hard work. 

Mr. Shoener moderates the Facebook site, Anna May Wong.