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2022 New Year’s Day Celebration 

On January 1, the American Chinese Museum held the New Year’s Day Flag Raising Ceremony and Museum Donation Signing Ceremony and also started its trial opening to the public. 

In 2021, the museum has completed two round of collections of historical relics of Chinese immigrants, and the indoor exhibitions have basically been completed. The Museum has also independently developed exhibitions such as “Friendly interactions between the United States and China”, “Outstanding Chinese in America”, and “History of Chinese Food in America”. 

The museum also renovated the outdoor garden and erected flagpoles. Zhu Feng, CEO of the museum, said that thanks to the support and donations of the Chinese people and the community, the museum can welcome guests from the political and business circles on the first day of the New Year. 

The donation ceremony was the most important part of the celebration. At the recent board meeting, the board members believed that the museum, which had begun to take shape, should be the common property of the Chinese Americans in the United States, and will be used as a Chinese museum forever, and should not be used or resold. 

The day’s celebration also included performances such as dragon and lion dances and group dances. In the future, during Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc., the museum will hold large-scale celebrations with cultural significance. 

More than 200 people including Pennsylvania state senators, Philadelphia city councilors, business representatives, Chinese community associations, attended the celebration and joined the tour of the museum.