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Museum News:

ACM held a series of celebration activities to welcome the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit

a series of celebration activities with many social organizations in Greater Philadelphia, shared traditional Chinese culture with the American people, and brought a deep love and festive atmosphere to the Chinese community.

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ACM holds a history talk on Anna May Wong, the special exhibition begins 

On November 12, the American Chinese Museum officially opened its special exhibition to the public, commemorating Anna May Wong, the first Chinese-American to appear on US currency.

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Multicultural communities share stories and experiences about parent-child reading in ACM

Multicultural communities share stories and experiences about parent-child reading in ACM

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“Looking for Mr. Li Runguang’s Family”

“A friendship from one hundred years ago, lives on in this photo, foretells Destiny and brings History full-circle! How exciting for the Castor family to re-connect with the Chinese American people!”

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Museum Talk Series
&Special Exibition:
Chinese American: Inclusion/Exclusion

This struggle over freedom and the right to belong shaped the Chinese American experience and the very formation of American society.

Friendly Interactions

This exhibition looks back at the friendly interactions between the U.S. and China over the past two centuries since the founding of the United States.

Outstanding Chinese Americans

This exhibition honors the outstanding Chinese Americans who have made contributions to the United States in art, philanthropy, technology, politics and other fields.

History of Chinese Food in America Exhibition

This exhibition will introduce you to the history, as well as interesting tales, behind Chinese food in America. 

History of Chinese Immigration to America

This exhibition records why the early Chinese immigrated to the United States, the experiences they encountered and their various stories of working and living in America. 


Built in 1898, the Victorian twin house was designed by former Philadelphia architect Horace W. Castor. On March 14, 2017, this property was designated as Historical by the Historical Commission of Philadelphia and was listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places.

The former Castor House now has a new story to tell. As its existence spans almost the entire history of Chinese American immigrants, the historical house becomes an ideal place to carry the history and culture of the Chinese American people.

Horace Castor House

Museum Building

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